Vision and Mission

Open Concept Gallery is a non-profit institution dedicated to promoting contemporary art in West Michigan. The gallery is an open platform for innovation, showcasing both local and international art and artists.

The unique structure of the gallery space encourages dialogue among artists, the audience and community institutions. Open Concept Gallery promotes education through educational lecture, panel discussions, presentations, and other projects. Exhibits vary and include individual installations, happenings, public festivals and events devoted to the integration of art into every aspect of daily contemporary life.


Zora Carrier, PhD

Executive Director

Zora is Founder and Curator of Perugia Gallery, an art gallery in the Slovak Republic, focusing on Central European visual art, and projects of renowned artists in painting, prints, and photography. She is also Co-founder and Curator of Gallery Art Factory, Prague, Czech Republic, a gallery presenting contemporary art from around the world, especially new media works in video art and digital print. Most recently, she is Co-founder and Curator of Open Concept Gallery, a non-profit institution in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, dedicated to the promotion of art education and the infusion of contemporary art and culture into the community.

Bridgette Broughman


Bridgette Broughman holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Michigan State University, and will receive her Master of Fine Arts in Photography from Kendall College of Art and Design this spring. In addition, Bridgette is currently an adjunct faculty member in the photography program at Kendall.

Maureen Riley


Mo is an intern studying art history and communications at Saint Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois. She hopes to apply the knowledge and skills acquired through her internship with Open Concept Gallery to her pursuit of a career in the art world.

Alexandra Fluegel


Alex is a freelance writer specializing in contemporary art coverage as well as new methods of marketing the arts, specifically in aims to engage untapped demographics. Through her work, she aims to encourage the spirit of collaboration and seeks to expose and be exposed. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a focus on Poetry and Non-Fiction from Grand Valley State University.

Katie Moore


Katie is currently working on obtaining her MFA in painting from Kendall College of Art & Design. Her thesis focuses on contemporary views of Catholic saints, and their place in history as well as contemporary society. She is also an active member of Riot House Records and is currently working on producing a series of paintings for Black Jet Radio.

Nicole Turner

Graphic Designer

Nikki is graduate student at Kendall College of Art and Design. Along with working in Open Concept Gallery she is also an active art community volunteer and project planner.

Amanda Carmer


Amanda is currently pursuing an MFA in photography at Kendall College of Art & Design, her work centers around the idea of mediated experience and the ability of new technology to function as both a transmitter and tool for expression. She also works with the American Youth Foundation as a youth development professional and is involved in the greater Grand Rapids arts community as a volunteer and exhibiting artist.


The gallery is a compliment to the rich cultural institutions in West Michigan and keeps a focus on building relevant community activities tied to its mission. Part of that building process involves partnering with other local organizations to bridge activities and help communicate to a wider audience. Open Concept Gallery maintains strong relationships with both private and public organizations, many of whom are listed below. Without the support of these institutions, our growth in the community would not be where it is today.